Trolls, nymphs, gnomes, ogres… What are they, those creatures lurking about in the wilderness of our minds?

With riveting melodies and contagious energy, Trolska Polska pulls you into a mesmerizing world full of funny, grim, big and small characters from the nordic fairytales and mythology.

The ensemble consists of young talented trolls, handpicked from the Danish/Swedish folk scene by Danish multiinstrumentalist and composer Martin Seeberg; recipient of the DJBFA’s (Danish composers and songwriters) prize of honor 2016 and known from renowned bands such as Sorten Muld, Instinkt, Valravn, Asynje and Virelai.

With countless exotic instruments, this seven piece band awaken giants, elves, pixies, fairies and other beings springing from the dark mossy woods, snowy mountainsides and rolling valleys through the mindscapes of Seebergs lyrical compositions.

Prepare for an intense experience when Trolska Polska brings you on a journey into the enchanting world of myth and nordic tales – you are in for an adventure!


Martin Seeberg – viola, fiddle & whistles

Lasse Væver Jacobsen – nyckelharpas, viola d’amore & fiddle

Mads Kjøller Henningsen – flutes, hurdy-gurdy & bagpipes

Søren Vinther Røgen – cittern & mandolin

Magnus Heebøll – percussion, tabla & jawharps

Alexandra Nilsson – cello, fiddle & vocals

Malte Zeberg – doublebass & mandolin













 ☎️ (+45) 50 42 18 35

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🖼️ Press photo (portrait) – credit: Emma Engström

🖼️ Press photo (landscape) – credit: Emma Engström

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