Eufori (2020)

On the 25th of September 2020 Trolska Polska finally released their much anticipated third album Eufori on GO’ Danish Folk Music.

“For this album we have been searching to make something that is even more troll-like, and even more poetic! During the process the idea emerged to compile the music of this album into one single coherent story; a small tale from the world of trolls!
I dare say that this is the most magical and extraordinary album that we have made to this date!” says Martin Seeberg – composer and head of the “troll pack”.

The album is richly decorated with custom artwork by the Danish fantasy illustrator Kent Overby Stück, and the physical CD comes with a small booklet containing a small story + an illustration for each track. 

As Martin explains: “The album has become this little entity where you have a synergy between the stories, the illustrations and the music! Everything is tied together: you can listen to the music on its own, or you can sit down with your children – or your grandchildren – and read the stories, listen to the music and imagine the stories within it!”

Like both of Trolska Polskas previous albums – Moss (2014) & Untold Tails (2016) – Eufori has been recorded mixed & mastered by the extraordinary Danish producer Louise Nipper at Soundscape Studio in Copenhagen.

The physical album is available at as well as for streaming through Spotify, Apple Music etc.

1. TØBRUD (Spring Thaw)
2. TROLDBALLEHUSVALSEN (The Troldballehus Waltz)
4. VIGTIGPRÅSEN (Mr. Cockalorum)
5. HALVLANG HOPSA (Halflong Hopsa)
7. HYLKERNE (The Hylks)
8. TÆNKSOM / LYGTEMAENDENE (Thoughtful / The Hinkypunks)
9. MÅNESKINSMENUET (Moonlight Minuet)
11. DEN VANDRENDE KÆMPE (The Wandering Giant)